Lilium Sova-Epic Morning-CD (2012)

Image of Lilium Sova-Epic Morning-CD (2012)


« Epic Morning » is the second LILIUM SOVA album. This opus is the final completion of the original line-up bass-drums-saxophone/keyboard. This sound fresco approaches different themas between reality and onirism. The band diversify the atmosphere to end up with a 22-minute long song. The last track puts to death the saxophone which goes onward into the battle with all its strength enventually to violently die with all its honor.
Accordion, cello as well as other guests, including Yonni Chapatte (KEHLVIN, YOG), Michael Schindl (IMPURE WILHELMINA, VUYVR), JP Schopfer (RORCAL, KERNAL) ou Diogo Almeida (RORCAL, VUYVR), come to put their shoulder to the wheel. The participation of the two new band members and the musical evolution contribute to the fact that this album is the perfect junction between the past and the future of LILIUM SOVA